Other Repairs

Free Evaluation/Diagnostic – we do not charge for the Evaluation/Diagnostic. the exception being sometimes Apple Laptops.

4 Month Warranty on Replaced Computer/Laptop parts.

Battery Replacement Laptop- Laptop batterys are not fixed they’re replaced.  Computerfix sells replacement laptop batterys.  Bring laptop with you if coming into shop.

Charger Repair/Replacement- Laptop chargers are not fixed, they are replaced when broken.  Computerfix sells a range of laptop chargers including oem charger.  You can get cheap universal chargers but they do not last so long at all!

Computer/Laptop Reinstall- Sometimes the best thing to do with a pc or laptop is to backup your personal data file, wipe it and reinstall it.  Makes it like new again, erases all virus’s, and faster.  Some places do this in an hour or 2.  At Computerfix we consider that it takes the best part of a day to do it properly.

Data Backup To External Medium – A lot of people would have a lot of personal files on their laptop/pc, particularly pics, music, office documents.  However, they would not realise, that it’s a common enough thing for the hard disk to break and personal data lost forever.  So it’s very important to have a backup and backed up to an external medium such as external hard disk, dvd, flash drive.

Data Recovery - If we can recover your files a fixed charge applies.  If we can’t recover anything, a small charge applies.  You would have to leave the hard disk with us for a week.

Data Destruction -   One has to be very careful of the data saved on ones laptop/computer.  You may, for example, be donating or disposing of a laptop or computer and you definitely do not need information about you falling into the wrong hands.  This could be information about internet banking, passwords, email, personal documents, pics, etc.  So at Computerfix we provide a Data Destruction Service.  This entails removing the hard disk and rendering the hard disk unusable, unrecoverable and then disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

Data Transfer – Transfer of data and personal files from laptop to hard disk or visa versa or hard disk to hard disk, or form one medium to another.

Email Setup – Computerfix can setup your email on MsOutlook and make a backup of your email on dvd.

Encryption – if your laptop/pc is stolen, even though it has a password, it can still be accessed and your data read/copied etc.  If however your laptop/pc is encrypted, the data cannot be accessed in any way. Its air tight!  Encryption for pc/laptop is strongly recommended for Doctors who may have patient information stored on their laptop/pc.

Hard Disk Upgrade/Replacements – An existing hard disk may be too small and need replacing with a new larger one.  Or the existing hard disk has failed and needs replacing altogether.  Hard disk sizes start at 160gb up to 500gb, obviously ranging in price.

Keyboard Repair/Replacment  - Usually it’s not possible to re-attach keys to keyboards when they fall off.  That little piece of plastic underneath the key is too small, it’s broken altogether and it won’t clip back on.  And a laptop keyboard is one unit, so you can’t reattach just individual keys, thus the  whole keyboard needs to be replace.

New Laptop/Computer Setup – When you buy a laptop/pc its still in box and has to be setup when switched on for the first time, finishing off setting up software, making sure your antivirus is activated and working properly, changing annoying daily updates  to weekly, connecting it to a printer/scanner, transferring data from old pc/laptop to your new one, setting up passwords etc

Password Reset – Locked out of your laptop or pc? Computerfix can crack your password and get you back in.

Power Jack Repair – that part just inside your laptop that your charger plugs into.  It can come loose or even snap off altogether.  Computerfix can fix within a few days.

Ram Memory Upgrades – Laptops and pcs can run a little slow and the owner might think of replacing it altogether.  But a simple addition of more ram memory can immensely improve speed and performance.  This can be an extra 1gb or 2gb of ram memory.  Computerfix sells ram for laptops, pcs and apple macs and ram is installed while you wait.  Other places will just install the ram memory, Computerfix will ALSO configure your laptops operating system to be faster taking out unneeded startup programs etc.

Software Installs – MS Office, iTunes, Skype, MSN, Antivirus, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and more.

Tuneup - Even when there is sufficient memory, Laptops/pcs, abit like cars, have to be serviced or tuned every so often.  This involves running of tuning programs and the changing of how software loads etc, to improve speed and performance.