Data Recovery & Data Destruction



At Computerfix we offer a Data Recovery service.

If you have a hard disk or external hard disk or usb flash memory key that has broken and contains files, pics, music, msoffice documents or whatever kinds of files and you need to get them back, then at Computerfix, we can, most times, recover Data which you think may be lost.

We won’t know until we try the Data Recovery Process if we can recover your files or not.

You would have to leave the hard disk with us for about a week.

If we do recover your files the charge would be €175.

If we are unsuccessful in recovering your files, then a charge of €15 applys.




One has to be very careful of the data saved on ones laptop/computer.

You may, for example, be donating or disposing of a laptop or computer and you definitely do not need information about you falling into the wrong hands.

This could be information about internet banking, passwords, email, personal documents, pics, etc.

So at Computerfix we provide a Data Destruction Service.

This entails removing the hard disk and rendering the hard disk

-       unusable

-       unrecoverable

-       then disposed of in an environmentally friendly way