Free Evaluation

Though some might claim they can, most of the time it is not possible to diagnose a problem with your computer/laptop properly over the phone correctly with 100% accuracy.

Your Doctor doesn’t  diagnose you over the phone and neither do we!

We need to see your computer/laptop to diagnose the problem properly.

So at Computerfix we offer a FREE EVALUATION service on work to be done to laptops and pcs.

You don’t pay anything for Computerfix to evaluate or diagnose the problem on the computer/laptop.

So it’s an easy 4 step process:

  1. You drop the laptop or computer into us. Parking outside shop.
  2. We evaluate and test and price what needs to be done.
  3. We contact you to let you the price and time it will take to fix your laptop/computer.
  4. Up to you then to decide to proceed with getting the repair done or not. If you decide not to have anything repaired, that’s fine too, there is no charge for the evaluation.



Apple laptops/Computers are sometimes the exception to the FREE EVALUATION.

If the problem is obvious and we can diagnose straight away or inside and hour, then it’s a FREE EVALUATION.

Examples of this would be a broken screen, new battery, new plug etc.

If we have to spend time evaluating  the Apple, then  is a €45 charge for evaluating an Apple Laptop/Computer.

The €45 Apple Evaluation fee is then included in your end price for repair, it’s not added on.

e.g. Apple Laptop Screen Replacement could be €150, but not €150 + €45.