Garda Virus aka UCash Virus

theres been a virus doing the rounds in Ireland for 2 years + now I’d say and whoever is behind it must be making quite a fortune out of it!

it hits your computer/laptop and freezes the screen displaying a An Garda Siochana Symbol or a pic of a Garda in Uniform wearing the hat and a message saying something to the effect that youve been viewing porn, child porn, etc and that your details will be pass to An Garda Siochana UNLESS you pay a €100 via your laptop to the nice people who invented the virus in the first place.

then people panic and pay but the screen remains locked with this Garda pic and message, even if you restart your laptop a couple of times.

so don’t pay any money its a SCAM.

no details about what you were viewing are passed to anyone.

btw, you can be hit with the garda virus irrespective of what youre viewing on the internet, e.g if you were viewing peppa pig or shaun the sheep you might still be hit with the virus!

take it into us and we can remove it same day


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