desktop vs laptop vs netbook vs tablet

DESKTOP pc – hardware wise, won’t break much at all, the most reliable and a longer life span.  Also, it won’t it be stolen from your house by a burglar because obviously, they cant put it under their arm while they stroll down your street after breaking into your gaff.

So if you’re working for yourself say from at home or a small business premises, I’d recommend you buy a desktop before a laptop, netbook, tablet.

Laptop – good all rounder, for everyone from the student to business professional to pensioner.  Good for doing alot of work like typing large amounts of text, letters, assignments, surfing the net, watching a movie, playing\burning dvds, whatever.

But because its always in transit, it will be near foregone conclusion that some piece of its hardware will break , e.g. cracked screen, keyboard, hard disk, charger.

And funny enough, it nearly always happens after the 1 year warranty is up!

In Ireland, the standard laptop hardware warranty is 1 year. In Germany, its 3!

I often wondered about that.

Netbook – a netbook is a small laptop without a dvd player.  Good for typing SMALL amounts, surfing the net, very good for travel as its small and light,  but tend to be slow as they can only take a max of 2gb of ram memory.

Tablet – good for surfing the net, typing TINY amounts, quick email, taking photos, watching movies online, skyping.

Very good for travel as iits small and light.  Well smallish.  (I’d say Ryanair were disappointed about that one now. A nourishing bowl of  FREE steam in the staff “canteen” for the  rest fo the year there Michael)

Anyway, as I was saying, handy for the living room in front of the telly and sure flickin the screen, isnt it only great!



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