Mural On Side Wall of Computerfix Siopa

At we like to have the banter, life is too short and in these times it’s good to have the craic!

The shop is a corner shop and on the Bishop street side we had alot of space so I came up with the idea of having a mural, a funny one!

Some Tourists are now getting their pic taken beside it.

Hope you like.


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Tuning your laptop to make it faster

LIke a car,  a computer or laptop needs to be serviced  or TUNED once a year to keep it up to speed because over time it will slow down alot and you’ll be slow browsing the internet, slow opening files and slow generally working.

So I recommend you get your laptop or desktop TUNED once a year.

It speeds up greatly internet browsing, opening files, the laptop/desktop switching on, any work to be done really.

Special offer at at present, €20 for tuning and making your laptop faster


Garda Virus aka UCash Virus

theres been a virus doing the rounds in Ireland for 2 years + now I’d say and whoever is behind it must be making quite a fortune out of it!

it hits your computer/laptop and freezes the screen displaying a An Garda Siochana Symbol or a pic of a Garda in Uniform wearing the hat and a message saying something to the effect that youve been viewing porn, child porn, etc and that your details will be pass to An Garda Siochana UNLESS you pay a €100 via your laptop to the nice people who invented the virus in the first place.

then people panic and pay but the screen remains locked with this Garda pic and message, even if you restart your laptop a couple of times.

so don’t pay any money its a SCAM.

no details about what you were viewing are passed to anyone.

btw, you can be hit with the garda virus irrespective of what youre viewing on the internet, e.g if you were viewing peppa pig or shaun the sheep you might still be hit with the virus!

take it into us and we can remove it same day


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only computer shop in Dublin to offer a 20% student discount

as far as we know, is the only siopa in Dublin that offers a 20% student discount.

so that means 20% discount on say virus removal or laptop screen replacement.

or 20% discount off the price of a usb key or antivirus software.

and eh, you have to show your student card and please dont be coming in with someone elses, i.e the owner of the laptop has to come in with their laptop and their student card in order to get the 20% student discount.

excuses like, “its in the post or I had severe facial surgery since that pic was taken or I lost it in the pub last night but I swear Im a student”, will not be acceptable!

click link to print out your 20% discount voucher



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free antivirus software – a house with the door locked and the windows open

I maybe getting myself into hot water here, but I have observed that any of the pcs/laptops that have come into the shop with virus’s on them nearly all have the same reason for the infections in common and that is,

they have free antivirus software installed

or no antivirus

or the antivirus they bought before has run out

but mainly it had free antivirus software installed.  The analogy I use here is that free antivirus is like a house with the door locked and the windows open!

So I recommend to people to buy really good antivirus software.  At we recommend and sell Bullguard Internet Security.



CryptoLocker Virus: the nastiest piece of work around atm

and theres no cure for it either.

so be very careful.

have proper antivirus software, by this I mean the antivirus you buy not free antivirus software.

do backups every week.


laptop is really hot and is switching off periodically, it probably means that

if you feel your laptop is really hot and is switching off periodically, it probably means that the fan on the motherboard has too much dust on it to spin properly and keep the motherboard at the correct temperature.

if the motherboard overheats it can eventually blow and the laptop is only good for the bin as the cost of a replacement motherboard is prohibitive.

a very “hot” laptop can also be indicative of dry heat sink paste on the laptop processor.

so at we remove the dust from the fan and apply new paste to the processor at the same time.

this is not a job I recommend people to do themselves as it usually means taking out the motherboard altogether and cleaning and reapplying paste etc, and then putting the motherboad back into the laptop.

the mother board is delicate with lots of cables and parts going into it and you dont want to damage one of those parts or forget to plug that cable back in.

and it always looks easy on the youtube video.

but people do try to do it themselves and get stuck halfway and panic and break something and cant get any further or get the motherboard back in, jump up and down with joy, pat themselves on the back, then go to switch on the laptop and surprise, surprise something isnt working properly and they have to go do it all over again!


what you didnt know about laptop and desktop keyboards

what you didnt know about laptop and desktop keyboards is that theres more germs on the average laptop/desktop keyboard than your average toilet!

“oh shock horror”, I hear you say, but its true.

so its very good hygiene practice to clean your keyboard once a week.

to do this make sure the laptop or computer is switched off.

spray onto a cloth, NOT DIRECTLY onto the keyboard itself. I did this once and broke the laptop keyboard.

and simply clean.

allow dry before switching back on your desktop pc or laptop.

you might also clean your mouse while you’re at it.